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President Lincoln <3s Toledo!

In the early 2000's #RoundhouseRandy purchased a lot of non-descript filing cabinets that he still owns today. In the cabinet's contents, amongst other ephemera, he came upon a 7th issue of the Toledo Blade which was printed on a special linen paper and featured the day when President Abraham Lincoln's funeral train passed through Columbus. The paper was dated 1865.

President Lincoln's Funeral Train

The article went on to say how much President Lincoln enjoyed his time while visiting Toledo, and he was often found sitting near the window in his room at the Oliver House. With delight he would watch the busy river traffic on the Maumee and the activity passing through Toledo. Lincoln was a huge advocate for Toledo, and he often remarked it would be one of the largest cities of commerce in the country. Unfortunately Toledo lost the title to Chicago, by one just hour, due to the cattle industry and day light savings time. The ranchers needed the extra hour in the day so they could sell as many cattle as possible to the stockyards before the close of business. Chicago's central standard time afforded them the extra hour versus Toledo's eastern standard time, hence their preference for Chicago. Who knows what could've come of Lincoln's love for Toledo if not for day light savings time.

You could say that President Lincoln truly believed that you #WillDoBetterInToledo!

*Image Courtesy of Library of Congress

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