Sunday, March 12th 2023
11:00 - 3:00pm

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Dealer space for the 2023 show is now open.


This is a HOT show that immediately sells out because of our pre-registration service.  Existing dealers register on site on the day of the show to keep their same spot and to also take advantage of the lower per table cost of $35 each. 


After the show, the price goes up substantially.  There's not many spots left over; but if you would like to get your foot in the door by pre-registering for the March 12, 2023 show (next year); you can do so by contacting us.


We strongly advise pre-registering to avoid getting shut out and we hope to see you at the next show!


Dealer information:


Table cost: $49.00 per 8 foot table or space

                   $60.00 show weekend, March 13th (if available)

Number of tables total: 300 (how many tables fit into our space - does not indicate how many are currently left for rent)

Should you need electricity please contact Toledo Toymasters for availability

Table size: 8ft standard banquet table



Exhibitor information:


As part of expanding our technology segment to include more with the Maker Movement; we're looking for robotics, technology and engineering groups to exhibit and give seminars at the show


Honorariums are paid to our exhibitors, which are negotiated individually beforehand and paid to the designated representative at the end of the show.



Facility information:

Brand new, modernized arena

Complete hard rubber floors throughout building

Arena size: 26,000 ft²


Misc. Information:


  • Guest / Helper badges available! Limit of 2 badges per vendor registration. 

  • Set-up available: Saturday 12:00pm - 6:00pm.  No Sunday set up available.

  • Tables are sold on a first come, first served basis - the best way to "hold your space" is to pre-register day of show for the following year. Staff is available starting at 2:00pm to take your registration for the following year's event.

  • Discretionary refunds given after 30 days prior to show opening; based upon reselling your tables.

  • No calls / no shows will not be given a table for future events.


Contact Us:


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Have questions?   Email us at toymasters (at) gmail (dot) com ,or click here!