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Featuring the Hobo Crew layout!

Hobo Crew Modular/Portable Railroad

The train layout was built by five individuals in 2011 who were dedicated bringing the enjoyment of model railroading to the public through various venues such as National Train Day, Children's Wonderland, Community Railroad Festivals and train shows/swap meets.

While designing and building the layout there were two design criteria's that had to be met which are not generally not present with other modular/portable layouts.

The Primary Requirement was to build it at a 30 inch height that allows children and people that are in wheel chairs to easily view trains.

The second requirement was to make it fast and easy to set up and take down after a show. This has been accomplished in being able to set up in approximately two hours and take down including loading the trailer in two hours. Many of our design and construction ideas are now being copied by other modular/portable layouts. When not set up at a show the layout is stored in a trailer.

Details of the Layout.

  • The layout size is 16´X 48'.

  • Approximately 330 ft of track divided by two main lines towards the front of the layout and a branch line near the rear.Also included is a ten track staging yard in the center of the layout with approximately 140 feet of track, switches including a crossover to get the trains going in the directions required.

  • State of the art NCE (North Coast Engineering) DCC (Digital Command Control) system using wireless hand held controllers operating the trains and switches on the layout.

  • Total time to construct the layout was approximately 2,000 hours over a five month period in 2011.

The layout has been set up at Children's Wonderland, Sylvania, OH, National Train Day, Toledo, OH, Fostoria, OH Railroad Day, Willard Railroad. OH Day, Van Wert, OH Historical Days and various train shows/swap meet in Northwestern Ohio and Southeastern Michigan.

Currently there are nine members of the Hobo Crew and all of us are active in model train clubs; Blissfield Model Railroad Club, Operation Road Show/Rails on Wheels Model Train Club, Montpelier Trackside Modelers and Raisin Valley Train Club.

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