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Happy Earth Day!

Here are five ways you can celebrate Earth Day and help our planet!

1. Recycle - Recycle your plastic, paper, glass, and E-Waste products like old computer monitors and cell phones. Be sure to do your part and separate your trash into your designated bins.

2. Plant food - Research what plants will grow well in your yard and plant yourself a veggie garden!

3. Don't drive - Ride your bike, take public transport (Like a train!), or just walk to where you need to go

4. Buy used - When you buy something second hand, you give the Earth a second chance by keeping it out of the landfills and by not buying something new. Did you know it takes 20 gallons of water to make ONE PAIR OF BLUE JEANS?

5. Go outside! Get busy saving the environment and motivate yourself by getting outside and enjoying everything our planet has to offer!

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