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Tips for Waiting in Line on Show Day

While attendance at many shows seems to be dwindling these days, "The Greater Toledo Train & Toy Show" gets a larger crowd with each passing year. Interest and excitement for the show is always very high and this can mean impatience while waiting to get in. We've received a lot of feedback from folks about the sometimes long line and waiting time to get into the show. And we listened! We have doubled the cashier teams and will have roving cashiers if the crowd line overwhelms the Admissions desks.

No matter what the weather is like outside, the waiting area is indoors where it is warm and comfortable.

In the Library Hallway (where the line forms), there's things to see and do while you wait. There will be an art exhibit along the (brick) wall showcasing pictures created by Toledo Public Schools students.

Ypisilanti Southern Railroad's riding diesel train is at the far end of the hallway where you can either ride, or watch this fascinating train in operation and talk to its operators. Please note: if you decide to ride, you must leave a designated person to hold your spot in line as line jumping is not permitted. It would also be polite to mention that you are holding the spot for riders to those behind you. (By the way, it's always a pleasant way to pass the time by chatting with people waiting in line with you!)

Eastwood School's after school club will be in the middle of the Library Hallway with an operating train display built and maintained by their students under the supervision of Faculty Advisor Bil Gau. Take some time to enjoy this display and talk to the kids about how they work with this fun hobby. These are the next generation of hobbyists and let's support them!

Battle Creek Model Railroad club will be at the foyer side of the Library Hallway. They have a wonderful operating HO train layout to admire, stuff to browse for purchase and the members are friendly and will be happy to talk trains with you!

Once you get into the Admission Area, we will have staffers who will act as traffic officers to direct you to the next available cashier. For those who have purchased their advance tickets online through Eventbrite, you will need to see the "will call" desk in a separate line. Please note: the Eventbrite tickets are for the "Early Bird" admission which starts at 9:00am. Here's the link to purchase Early Bird tickets through Eventbrite:

If you have small children, the wait might be difficult for them in the midst of their excitement. A lot of families opt for the :"Early Bird" admission because the line is not as long as the one for General Admission. Early Bird tickets allows for admission into the show from 9:00am - 11:00am. Please note: the attractions and rides do not begin until 11:00am. But there's still plenty to see beforehand! If you don't want to go the "Early Bird" route, then you may want to arrive with small children to the show a little bit after 11:00am so that the big line is moving. A lot of folks arrive to the show and form a line far before 11:00am, and there's no point in standing with small (bored) children while waiting for General Admission to begin.

No matter what time you are admitted (9:00am Early Bird or 11:00am General); your ticket is good until the show closes at 3:00pm. Worn adult wristbands will allow admission all day long (good to know if you need to go out to your car or leave the show for a while).

But the best advice to give is this: SMILE! This is a really fun day and while the wait seem long, it's well worth it for all the fun stuff to see and do!

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