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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Just 3 Months until "The Greater Toledo Train & Toy Show!"

The 2022 holiday season is here and it's also a magical time of toys of all kinds to come out for display and enjoyment. During the holiday season, "Roundhouse Randy" has been busy sharing his wonderful vintage toys and trains to the public and he sure is having loads of fun!

No doubt Santa Claus will be bringing all sorts of toys for all the good little girls and boys; but if you would like to add to your collection or find undiscovered vintage treasures, be sure to mark your calendars now to attend the 25th "Greater Toledo Train & Toy Show" on Sunday March 12, 2023!

The 2023 show will be chock full of dealers and exhibits; both past popular and newcomers. There's always exciting things to see and do at the show, and we can't wait to share them with you!

So stay tuned for developing news, be sure to put "The Greater Toledo Train and Toy Show" (Sunday, March 12th 2023) on all of your calendars; and keep being good girls and boys - maybe you will get some new toys in March as well as during the holidays!

From "Roundhouse Randy" to you: Happy Holidays to you and yours! "Roundhouse Randy" and gang will see you soon on March 13th, 2022!


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